Limoncello of Sorrento Marcati Gagliano

Limoncello of Sorrento Marcati Gagliano (Pack 4 Satin Finish Bottles) (Grocery)

Exquisite liqueurs with subtle and fragrant flavours obtained from infusions of fruit, roots or honey in grappa: a triumph of tastes and essences, obtained and enhanced by the highly-valued national distillate which retains all of their flavours. Perfect for any occasion. This exclusive collection of italian distillates in fine satin bottles includes n° 4 Bottles flavoursome and very fragrant Limoncello obtained through an infusion of lemon rind. A great taste of Italy in this valuable collection. Enjoy icy. (Pack 4 Bottles 23.66 fl oz -satin Finish)


  • All lemons used in the liqueur must come from the protected geographic designation of the Sorrento / Amalfi region.
  • Product of Italy.
  • Marcati Gagliano wins in taste, bouquet and overall mouth feel competitions.

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