Blockchain Revolutionizing Online Casinos

Gambling remains a favorite pastime of a very large number of people — and the stories of players who lost a fortune on gambling are even more significant than the stories of rare winners. And the digital age, of course, could not but bring new solutions and platforms to this industry and offer fans of excitement a completely different, unique experience.

Given the overall profitability of a wide variety of digital casinos, it is logical that less than a couple of years have passed since the majority of gambling companies aimed at developing in this direction.

The victory march, to the sounds of which the blockchain development industry is marching around the world, is already audible to everyone – therefore, there is no doubt that in the coming years, we will observe the application and adaptation of technology in more and more industries. Banking, transport, law, logistics, various industries, healthcare, and games — there is no shortage of areas of current human activity where blockchain could be applied and would improve existing solutions. The ability to verify the highest possible level, unsurpassed security, and protection parameters, smart contracts that can provide payment transactions according to a completely new standard… The prospects are significant!

Online casinos like casino n1, became one of the first industries in which they began experimenting with blockchain technology since it is there that cryptocurrencies have been used most widely in recent years (but despite the evolution of cryptocurrencies, their overall impact on games is still relatively small). Nevertheless, judging by the sharp appearance of more and more new types of games, functions, and bonuses, despite the rapid change in the situation around cryptocurrencies over the past couple of years, the digital currency casino market continues to grow and develop.

However, nowadays few even professional players and supporters of online games understand the full potential and advantages of cryptocurrency casinos over more “traditional” online casinos based on fiat money. Meanwhile, here’s what blockchain has to offer the world of excitement and gaming:

Blockchain technology allows you to record the results of the game, which cannot be changed, and player ratings, which cannot be faked. Yes, there have been various similar solutions on the casino market before, but it is unlikely that anything will be able to offer a better level of security and privacy than blockchain in the coming years.

For many years, players have had some doubts about their personal information being leaked to a third party. With blockchain technology, you can forget about that. Many gambling games are now so easy to use and do not require any personal information such as e-mail address, or name. This level of anonymity allows users living in countries where online casinos are legally prohibited to continue to access their favorite games.

Minus — unfortunately, some cryptocurrencies are already suffering from government tightening measures that require obtaining licenses and applying increasingly strict rules.

Astronomically high transaction execution speed. Before the advent of blockchain, deposits and withdrawals in online casinos have never been as fast as they are now. Currently, the leading casinos require only one confirmation in the blockchain, after which users get the opportunity to place their bets. In general, the process can take from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the digital currency chosen by the client.

Modern online casinos undoubtedly have the lowest commissions in the existing gambling market. In most cases, commissions are not charged for either deposits or withdrawals, and many start-up companies consciously strive to set the entry threshold for new players as low as possible. All to be the most attractive and bypass numerous competitors.

The market for mobile applications and online games has been showing tremendous growth in recent years, and the flow of new users has not subsided. According to App Annie’s 2017 Retrospective: A Monumental Year for the App Economy, the total market capitalization of mobile apps reached $86 billion in that year and continues to grow steadily.

In conclusion, blockchain technology keeps evolving in the world of online casinos. Completely changing the game. Seems like at a rapid pace. It brings more anonymity to the game, making it easy to register on the website, without giving away any personal information

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