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Italia mia is My Italy, a website featuring the latest news, Italian travel guides and images of Italy, people and communities, Italian culture from art to music, movies, cuisine and more.


Dolomites camping

Guide to camping in Italy

A big camping adventure is one of the best ways to experience everything Italy has to offer

Prepping Your Italian Villa For The Summer

Get your Italian villa ready for the summer. Try these tips to prep your vacation home for the holiday season, and make it more comfortable and enjoyable for your guests.

See Magnificent Milan On Foot

Milan is a treasure trove of gorgeous architecture and impressive landmarks that have been around for centuries and the best way to see all of them is by going on a walking tour
Photo by josh hild

Amazing Culture And Choice Waves: Why Surfing In Italy Is A Must For Surfers

Whether you are a professional surfer or just a newbie looking for a fun summer activity to try out at an exotic place, Italy has many great surfing opportunities that you need to experience this summer.

Effective Ways To De-Stress In Italy

If you will be visiting Italy soon, ensure that you de-stress as well as catch top sites. Visit a spa or national park, take part in a de-stressing retreat, and make it a point to enjoy some green time.
How Can Singing Help You Learn Italian?

How Can Singing Help You Learn Italian?

Songs are also a highly motivational, fun way to learn Italian, so whether you are a teacher or a student, ensure that music is a part of the daily process of learning.

How Italy’s Favorite Restaurants Are Confronting COVID Challenges

Italy’s restaurants have had to make huge changes to stay afloat in the new normal. Mobile ordering, one hour dining, and new menus are allowing a number of eateries to serve the local communities and thrive.
Italy’s Love Affair With Indoor Sports

Italy’s Love Affair With Indoor Sports

Italy has long been a global hub of athletic excellence, and that isn’t just confined to one or two sports.

Italian Beauty Trends Are Bold And Green This Winter

The Italian beauty and personal care market made a whopping $10 million in profits this year, but with environmental awareness now predominant among Italian consumers, the main trend for winter will focus on eco-friendly products, and it is expected to affect the market not only this season, but in the coming...

Italy’s Tech Sector: A Hotbed for Opportunity

In future months, landing a job in Italy may be easier than other European countries, as there will be a projected 193,000 job vacancies between 2019 and 2021 in the country despite nationwide stagnation brought on by Covid-19.
expecting in italy

What To Expect When Expecting As An Expat In Italy

If you are working in Italy, you are entitled to healthcare services from the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale

Italy’s Wildlife Sanctuaries and Nature Attractions You Must Know About

What are the top natural attractions and sanctuaries of Italy? Let's discuss a few of them to give you an idea.

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