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Italy and all things Italian

Italia Mia is your little guide to Italy featuring unique articles about the Italian culture, the latest news from Italy, Italian products and travel services, and much more.

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Latest Articles and Products from Italy

About Italiamia.com

Italiamia.com helps you find information about Italy, from the current news to articles about traveling to Italy, to beautiful images of the Italian landscape, to selected products from fashion to food, to articles about learning Italian, dating Italian style, genealogy research and much more.

A note to copyright owners: Italiamia.com is a small website that is sustained by commissions generated from sales of various products featured on our pages. Because of our limited budget, we rely on sources available on line such as images and articles. It’s our intention to use only media that is been released as free of royalties and approved to be displayed on our websites. We therefore apologize to authors that might discover their photographs published without their permission. We kindly ask such authors to notify us and we will remove them promptly or assign a copyright notice with the author’s name if so they wish.
Thank you.

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