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Italia Mia is a website about Italy and all things Italian

Italia Mia is My Italy, featuring Italian products, the latest news, Italian tourism, people and culture, cuisine, art, music, movies, images and more.


Tourism and Culture

Florence at night

Walking at night in Florence, Italy

Night in Florence? Being a solo female traveler there are two things I am always hearing. The first is that I’ll end up dead somewhere...

Region of Abruzzo

The name Abruzzo appears to derive from the Latin form Aprutium. The name Aprutium, however, was not in use in Roman times when the...

Italian Products

Art and Artists

Vintage Posters of Italy, Travel Books, Learn Italian

About Italiamia.com

This website was created over 20 years ago as a mean to provide information on Italy and the Italian culture. Over the years Italia Mia has evolved to include original articles about Italy, from art to cuisine, music and movies, literature and travel, the latest news from Italy (also in italiano), and selected products Made in Italy. We appreciate comments and suggestions and perhaps we might be able to help you find what you’re looking for. We will also consider guest contributions such as articles and photos of Italy.
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