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libri italian books

Italian Books – Libri italiani

You will find selected books in various categories including travel, fiction, cookbooks, language, children, history, art, and much more.
Italian BBQ

Try an Italian Barbecue This Summer

US food critic and author Katie Lee describes barbecue as “the defining scent of the summer.” But if you thought the barbecue was a...
travel video

10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Have you seen those dreamy videos from Italian regions floating on the Internet? Those are simply motion videos with added music, people roaming around and beautiful landscape capture.
italian picnic

Staycation with an Italian scampagnata

Staycations have never been more popular and are a progressive and convenient way to holiday without the fuss. With that in mind, a well-planned picnic is the perfect way to bring a little bit of Italy to your own home!

Building Social Ties In An Italian Retirement

It’s a dream for senior citizens to retire to a place like Italy, where they can enjoy wonderful weather, food, and a slowed-down way of life.

Going Shore Fishing In Sicily

Sicily is a very special place for anyone that loves to go fishing. The beautiful Mediterranean ocean is blessed with hundreds of species that are thriving in the waters. 

Milan Art Week 2022

During the Milan Art Week, the city becomes a cultural hub for modern and contemporary art with an extensive calendar of events: museums, art venues, private foundations and design spaces offer a packed programme of exhibitions, initiatives and performances

How Italians Are Doing Their Part To Save The Bees

Italy's continued efforts to pass thoughtful, responsible modern legislation will have a big impact on the European environment in more ways than one.

Beautiful frescoes revealed at Torrechiara Castle

Torrechiara Castle is a 15th-century castle near Langhirano, in the province of Parma. The interior features numerous rooms decorated with fantastic, grotesque or naturalistic elements.

Italy Impresses with Year-Round Ice Skating Facilities

Ice skating is very popular across Italy. Thanks to the creation of synthetic ice rinks, locals and visitors alike can now enjoy year-round ice skating activities across the country.
Italian sunglasses

Italian sunglasses and eyeglasses

Made in Italy: The International Home of Today's Hottest Eyewear Designs It’s hard to recall a time when Italian designers produced garments exclusively. Versace, Armani...

Top 100 Songs in Italy Today

In collaboration with Apple Music, here's the current list of the Top 100 Songs in Italy. The list is updated every day.

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