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In this section: find your Italian ancestors, meet someone with online dating sites, choose a chat room or group to chat with other Italians or Italophiles.

gay rights in italy

New Chapter for Italy Gay Life as Civil Unions are now a reality

Italy has finally approved civil unions but there's still a lot of work to be done For the latest news on Italy Gay Life, please go to the LGBT News page. It has taken Italians longer to embrace their gay neighbors than citizens of other European nations, like France, Spain and...

Italian Dating: How to meet Italian singles

What to know about Italian dating and Italian singles Italians are well known for their romance and passion, as well as their drive and zest for life. It is only understandable that Italian singles are desirable all across the globe, no matter their gender. Both men and women are drawn...

Italian Genealogy

Discovering Italian Genealogy If you have ever wondered about your Italian Genealogy and Ancestry, but don't know where to begin your research, it's a simple process to discover more about your family's history. Several tools are available both online and through the mail. As long as you have some basic...
couple in Italy

Dating Italians: finding singles from Italy

So, you want to meet an Italian single? Four Tips For Dating Italians: Dating Italian Women Date Italian women when you want to be with someone who knows exactly what she wants. Italian women do not hold their tongues and you will get an honest opinion about the world around you....
couple on vespa

Italian Chat Rooms: meet friends and learn to speak Italian

Italian chat rooms Italian chat rooms have been around for quite some time and in Italy, in particular, they have been very popular since the beginning of the Internet (sounds like a long time, doesn't it?). The first chat rooms to appear were part of larger portals, such as Virgilio, AOL,...

Italy Civil Unions bill passes but it lacks essential rights

Civil Unions are now a reality in Italy Italy Civil Unions bill approved. After months of political infighting and decades of battles by gay people for civil rights, Italy’s Senate approved the country’s first law granting legal recognition to civil unions, but stopped short of giving same-sex couples the right...

History of gay life in Italy

Confined to mental health facilities. Expelled from their country. Alienated. Imprisoned. Often insulted and ridiculed like funny movie characters. For many years this was life for homosexuals in Italy. Back in 1800 and 1900, homosexuality began to be examined and studied in social psychology and criminology. Names like "Invertito" (inverted)...
italian gay club

Italian gay clubs, bars, and saunas

For a full list of the top Gay Clubs in Italy visit this site TORINO 011 SAUNA CLUB - Sauna - Via Messina 5/d, Torino - TEL. 011/284263 BERGAMO THE CITY SAUNA CLUB - Sauna - Via Della Clementina 8, Bergamo - TEL. 035/240418 VARESE NEW FLUG - Sauna - Strada Pradisera 58, Gallarate (VA)...
Italian Flag

Italians in the World

Organizations and groups for Italians in the World NIAF, National Italian American Foundation - The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit organization serving as a major advocate in Washington, DC for nearly 25 million Italian Americans, raising the prominence of all things Italian in American culture and society,...

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