expecting in italy

Love blossomed in the Italian countryside or maybe in one of its beautiful cities, and now you are be expecting your little bundle of joy. This happy event is made even better for expats, what with Italy’s quaint little villages and vibrant cities as your chosen home and the backdrop of this new chapter in your life. And you are not alone in this journey, since an estimated 440,000 mothers gave birth in Italy in 2018, and almost the same number of beautiful babies were born the next year.

Italy Cares For You Like Your Mama Would

If you are working in Italy, you are entitled to healthcare services from the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). This includes services related to your pregnancy and post-natal care for you and your baby. According to SSN, periodic visits to your obstetrician, diagnostic checks, treatment of health risks, childbirth, and post-natal visits and treatments are free of charge. There is also the Mamma Domani Bonus, which allows mothers to get a sum of 800 Euros, either at childbirth or in the seventh month of their pregnancy. You are entitled to a five-month maternity leave as well. This begins two months before the birth and three months after it.

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Although expecting a baby is a wonderful thing, mothers usually have to take note of certain health conditions to ensure the safety of their babies and themselves. Diabetes, specifically gestational diabetes, is a common problem in Italy, with a prevalence of 10.9. One major concern is peripheral neuropathy in pregnancy, a complication caused by diabetes, as it is a painful condition that can make childbirth more difficult. Also known as diabetic neuropathy, this ailment affects the nerves on a person’s feet, legs, arms, back and stomach. Some of its symptoms include pain, numbness and tingling. The good news is, it can be treated through diet and medication as long as it is detected early on.

With the free healthcare services given to mothers in Italy, the chances of a potential complication not being detected at the onset is low. Like any other country in Europe, Italian doctors reiterate the importance of getting yourself checked by a gynecologist at the start of your pregnancy. This is to make sure that you are monitored from the very beginning of this journey.

Booking Everything In Advance

Preparing for everything the moment you find out that you are pregnant is a good idea. Doctors in Italy agree, and recommend that you pick both the hospital you will be giving birth at and your gynecologist as soon as possible. Most expat mothers book nannies in advance, too. Doing this before your expected delivery will put your mind at ease, especially if you want to resume working three months after giving birth. It is also not a bad idea to plan for the baptism as early as possible.

Having a baby is such a beautiful thing, and having it in Italy can be quite a blessing, not only because of the place’s picturesque backdrop, but because of the assistance that the Italian government provides. Start planning the birth of your baby today to make sure that everything is prepared once your little boy or little girl arrives.

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