In future months, landing a job in Italy may be easier than other European countries, as there will be a projected 193,000 job vacancies between 2019 and 2021 in the country despite nationwide stagnation brought on by Covid-19. According to a Confindustria report last year, out of the 193,000 vacancies, Italian tech businesses are expecting 45,000 jobs to be available in the next few years. This is all thanks to the rapid growth of the Italian information communication technology sector, which now has a worth that exceeds 24.2 billion euros. For those seeking jobs in the country, the future looks bright due to Italy’s shift to the digitisation of its industries. It would seem that the country known for its fine cuisine is now moving forward as its leaders stake their claims on a more high-tech society.

Tech in Italy

Information technology (IT) is important not only for its obvious functionalities, but also for its role in Italian supply chain management. Tech improves accountability and visibility, allowing companies to access information faster across the supply chain thereby helping the economy grow faster. While software developers are in demand in Italy at the moment, those who are interested in working in this part of the world and who also happen to be thinking about a job in supply chain management won’t have a problem finding a job. After all, logistics will always be a part of every business no matter how big or how small.

In Italy’s countryside, the agricultural sector has been looking into blockchain technology in managing the supply chain for smaller enterprises. According to a study done in Rome, using blockchain technology is already enabling farming communities to manage their products from the farm to the end-user. Based on the findings, it is fair to say that the application of technology in the Italian supply chain has already made inroads in the country and its uses will keep growing in the years to come. This is just but one example, however, as supply chain management is also using new software and new methods to implement better information flow.

A Trend That Will Be Sustained

Overall investments in the IT sector between 2018 to 2022 grew by 2.6%. and this growth will continue to drive spending. Per the European Digital SME Alliance, 16% of Italian businesses are expected to expand their IT budgets in 2020 and 2021. Medium and large businesses are driving growth in the sector too, as they intend to increase their spending by 25% and 23% respectively. Italy’s business sector is also anticipating a digitized future as companies want to sow the benefits of a digital transformation in terms of redesigning their businesses in general and monetizing their data in particular.

Career Opportunities

If you are currently looking for a tech job in Italy, you can search for one available in virtually any part of the country. Though there are labour shortages in the tech industry and this trend will likely continue up to 2021, this is a conservative forecast. In fact, some authorities are saying that demand will grow until 2030.

The future of Italian businesses and its economy will continue to rely on their workers in the technology sector, and this includes you. Finding a job in the Italian tech industry is key to taking advantage of digitisation on a large scale.

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