italian plantsAn estimated 816,000 Italians moved abroad in the last 10 years for various reasons from career changes and life adventures to family reunions and personal relationships. If you are one of those who left the country, there are ways to reconnect with Italy wherever you are. One way to do this is to surround yourself with things that offer reminders of home. Seeing native plants and flowers in your house not only elicits a sense of familiarity, but also produces feelings of attachment to a country that is not known by the younger generations.

Decorating an Interior

House plants are great accessories to spruce up the interior of your house. They enhance the appearance of a living space and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Plus, there are several health benefits of adorning your abode’s interior with plants and flowers. Plants are known to purify indoor air contributing to good air quality and improved quality of life. They also trap dust and other materials hovering in the air. Moreover, studies indicate that the presence of plants enhances your mental health and well-being. Green spaces improve the mood and behavior of individuals.

Italian interiors not only feature intricate stonework from luxurious granite tops to fiery terracotta tiles and well-crafted furniture. Plants are also part of the indoor design. Think of lush potted greens that make an attractive décor. From flowers and evergreens, plants inside the house make Italian home spaces alive.

Plants and Flowers 

When it comes to bringing something Italian with you to another country, there are several plants and flowers that you can use in the interior of your home. For example, lily which happens to be the national flower of Italy is readily available worldwide. You can grow them and use lilies as cut flowers. Beautiful and fragrant, lilies make a lovely accessory to your interior decoration. Outdoors, corn poppy flowers are colorful and striking.

basilPerennials make an exquisite addition as well to your interior decoration. Consider putting a dwarf olive tree, miniature cypress and cherry laurel.  Oleander, which is a common Mediterranean shrub, can be planted in your garden or in large pots. Herbs also grow well indoors so you might want to have some in your kitchen. The most common ones found in Italian cuisine are basil, oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary. Basil is an integral part of the kitchen and is used in fresh salads, vegetables, and meat while rosemary adds flavor to stocks and stews. Furthermore, herbs also have a symbolic history. To illustrate, basil is known as a symbol of love.

Italy is never far from the minds and hearts of Italians who live overseas. Whether you are of Italian descent or just want to connect with an amazing heritage, it is possible to keep a piece of this charming southern European nation in your home by adorning your interior with typical Italian plants and flowers.

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