How To Dress Stylishly For An Autumn Getaway In Italy

The beginning of October brings out the best of Italy’s weather, making it the perfect time to visit this charming Mediterranean country. As travel restrictions have eased up in the country, it’s predicted that more people will be flocking to Italy within the next few months. Travelling in Italy during the fall season, which is from October to December, means that you get to choose your temperature, so those who like cooler, autumnal weather can head north, while those who prefer mild, balmy weather can go south. Apart from being prepared for the weather and creating a travel itinerary, you’ll also need to be appropriately and stylishly dressed for the season during your holiday. Here’s how to dress and look your best for an autumn getaway in Italy.

Wear a pair of nice jeans

Jeans are a popular fashion piece in Italy, just like in other parts of the world. They’re also essential for a transitional fashion look and work well for that period between summer to fall. However, don’t just pack any random pair of jeans– you’ll need to pick the right one since this will be a key piece of your holiday wardrobe. Women can’t go wrong with a high-rise, cigarette jean in a dark rinse, which is snug in the thighs and a little more relaxed over the calves. For men, classic fit or straight leg jeans can be dressed up or down. Whatever type of jeans that you choose, make sure that it’s free of distressing, holes, or other embellishments for a clean and classy look. Apart from jeans, you can also wear coloured trousers in taupe, fawn, chocolate brown, dark green, or charcoal grey.

Choose tops made of cozy textiles in classic neutrals

For a stylish look, wear tops, jackets, and coats in touchable, cosy fabrics. Consider bringing a few thin knitted cashmere sweaters, a buttery soft leather jacket, and a velvet blazer to build your holiday wardrobe, then add cotton blouses and shirts. Choose pieces in solid, neutral colours such as beige, camel, white, cream, brown, black, and grey. If you want to wear some colour, bring a few tops in fall shades like forest green, burnt orange, burgundy, or golden yellow.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Italians love to accessorise and are quite serious about their footwear. While you can certainly wear sneakers, opt to bring a classic pair that works well with most of your outfits. However, it’s better to wear beautiful footwear such as over-the-knee leather boots or riding boots, and you’ll need to wear them over your jeans for that Italian flair. Italian women are also fond of wearing high heels, but if you’re not used to them, try wearing leather flats or loafers. Finish your look with a leather crossbody bag or a small messenger bag to carry all your essentials. Don’t forget to wear a big pair of sunglasses, and layer your jewelry to add some interest to your outfit.

Dressing for autumn in Italy is all about mastering a stylishly cosy look. Try these tips to look your best during your getaway, and enjoy Italy in the fall.

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