Summer is on the horizon, and things are about to get hectic in your Italian villa as you and your guests arrive for the summer holiday. Whether your vacation home is in a coastal location such as Atrani or Lerici, or in a popular and romantic area such as the Amalfi Coastline or Tuscany, getting it ready for the season should be a priority to ensure your comfort and make your vacation a lot more enjoyable. Moreover, if you’re renting your villa out to tourists, having a well-maintained vacation home can attract guests now that the country is getting ready to open up to summer travel. Here’s how you can prep your Italian villa for the summer holiday season.

Ensure proper ventilation

Your summer home should be well ventilated to make it a more pleasant place to be on hot days. Proper ventilation not only makes your home cooler, but it can also make it healthier, as it’s an effective way to reduce indoor air pollutants, which can have a negative effect on health. Consider installing a ceiling fan in the bedrooms, and look for quiet models so you can cool the room without being kept awake by extra noise. Adding ceiling or stand fans in the living room and dining room can also help to freshen the air and keep the air circulating in your villa. Check your doors and windows to make sure that they’re working well so you can open them and let some fresh air in. Don’t forget to check if the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen are working, since poor ventilation in these areas can encourage mold growth.

Have bedding and toiletries ready for guests

All bedrooms should be amply stocked with bedding so that your family or guests won’t have a difficult time looking for them in your villa. Make sure to put at least two sets of bedding in each room, and place them in the closet for easy access. For a welcoming touch, consider placing a few toiletries in all of the bathrooms, such as toothbrushes, shampoo, toothpaste and body wash. You can also put together a first aid kit for everyone to use, and stock it with pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medication, an antiseptic solution to clean wounds, aloe vera gel for scratches and burns, and bandages.

Provide home entertainment options

Though your loved ones, guests or tenants may spend most of their time at the beach, there will be times when they’ll be staying in and relaxing at the villa. To ensure that everyone’s having fun while staying indoors, provide ways for them to entertain themselves. Stock your shelves with a few paperback novels and new magazines, as well as a few board games. Make sure that your Internet and cable TV access are in good working order, and print out instructions on how to access them. Display the print outs in a prominent part of the villa, such as the living room or dining room. You may also want to print a few cards with the Wi-Fi password and place them inside the bedrooms.

Get your Italian villa ready for the summer. Try these tips to prep your vacation home for the holiday season, and make it more comfortable and enjoyable for your guests.

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