Italian Chat Rooms: meet friends and learn to speak Italian

Chat rooms are one the best way to meet Italians on line and also to learn the Italian language.

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About Italian chat rooms

Italian chat rooms have been around for quite some time and in Italy, in particular, they have been very popular since the beginning of the Internet (sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?).

The first chat rooms to appear were part of larger portals, such as Virgilio, AOL, Yahoo, and many others. There are now virtually millions of chat rooms where you can choose from, but sometimes, finding the good ones can be time consuming and frustrating.

eharmonyBy doing a search in Google for “Italian chat”, I came across a few chat rooms where you can actually meet other Italians and Italophiles like me and you, and start chatting, preferably in original language.

Don’t be afraid. Italians learn the English language even before Elementary school, and they’re quite good at conversing. However, knowing Italian would improve the dialog immensely, and at the same time, you could learn a few phrases, even just by watching other people chat.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Italian chat rooms:

Chat Italia

Chat Italia
Here you will find free Italian chat rooms that don’t require registration and with unlimited users, also with the option of customize your own channel.

Enter Chat Room

Italian Chat Room
Free Italian chat room with video, text, and voice.

We Speke

We Speke
WeSpeke is the social network to learn and practice Italian online for free with native Italian speakers. Find Italian practice partners for Italian language exchanges or tandems in our large global community. Use text, audio, or video for Italian conversation practice with Italian native speakers.

Chat Dreamsworld

Dreamsworld is a community of Italians that offers several chat rooms, including webcam, mobile chat, a discussion forum and more. The site is strictly in Italian and does not require registration. They only ask you to follow a good etiquette.

Meetup Chat Lega Italiana

Italian Chat di Lega Italiana
This meetup group is currently available in several cities across the US, and also offers chat. If you do a search for Meetup, you will probably see results from nearby Meetup Groups that you can join. Meetups are probably the best way to meet other Italians and Italophiles in person, during organized events. Highly recommended.