surfing italy Surfing is one of the most popular water activities nowadays. Some people would go to the beach for a nice dip or sunbathing. As for most, they are spending most of their time surfing. Regardless if you’re new or a pro, this water sport is the main reason why people spend too much time on the beach.

Anybody can be a surfer within a day. All you need is a surfboard and some good waves to help you learn it by yourself. Moreover, this sport is more than just making your Instagram feed interesting. It comes with several advantages that will get you into trying it.

Top 5 Surfing Destinations for Newbies and Pros in Italy

Surfing is one of the popular go-to activities as you visit the beach these days. There are a lot of surfboards scattered near the shores, making it more convenient for interested newbies to give it a try. However, not all beaches are exceptional surfing spots. If you want to have a good time, you’ll have to look for better spots. Here are some surfing spots in Italy:

#1 La Roccetta

If you’re near the harbor of Santa Marinella, in the south, you should head to La Roccetta. Expect the waves to have a decent height, and what’s excellent about the area is that there’s no too much crowd. People know this spot because it has a very narrow rock ledge. On the other hand, there are coral reefs under the area, which makes the area unadvisable for newbies. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a must-go-to travel destination in Italy.

#2 Banzai

banzai italyAnother cool surfing spot can be found in Banzai, which is at Santa Marinella RM. It’s home to notable Italian surfers, and the area has immense crowds. It also comes with a decent water-quality. Moreover, the tide depends on the condition of the wind during the day, wherein it can rise and fall quickly. If you’re beginner, you should be careful of uneven reefs, as well as sea-urchins below. In case you’re not in luck for high tide, you can roam on near-by towns to get delicious slices of pizza.

#3 Lido Garda

lido gardaAside from being one of the best spots in Italy, people enjoy Lido Garda because of its exceptional view. It’s in the north-part of Anzio, and there’s a popular hotel in the area called “Lido Garda Hotel.” It has exceptional conditions that you can also use a mini long or a shortboard, aside from surfboards. Furthermore, the spot has steady waves, both right and left breaks. However, it might have a big crowd every summer, which is why it’s advisable to visit the area during the winter season.

#4 Fontane Bianche

fontaneIf you’re living in the province of Syracuse, the surfing spot that you should visit is Fontane Bianche. It’s a suggested area because of its intense waves, which features right and left breaks. It’s ideal for everyone, especially for beginners, because of its calm and warm water-nature.

#5 Serapo

serapoIf you’re looking for a surfing area, Serapo is part of the list. This spot is in Gaeta, and the beach has clean waters. The waves can be peaky, and these have smaller heights than other spots in Italy. If you’re a beginner and you want to practice your skills with your groveler surfboard, this spot is the best area to consider.

Some Important Surfing Etiquette to Keep in Mind

Once you’re all set with your surfboard, and you decided which area from the mentioned spots to take, it’s important to know the surfing etiquette. You’ll find these tips handy, especially if you’re new in the area. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Share the waves with fellow surfers. You might annoy some surfers if you hog the waves, which may start chaos.
  • Go to spots that match your skills. You can’t force yourself to surf on areas that are not suitable for beginners if you’re a beginner. You might upset other pro surfers, who enhance their skills.
  • Respect the area by keeping it clean. Don’t vandalize or litter as it can affect the environment.
  • Respect the surfers in the area. You should be friendly. Moreover, you shouldn’t mob the areas in big numbers. It’s essential to take your time because you’ll have to share the beach with others.

Why Surfing Is Popular: Some Benefits to Consider

Photos from surfing activities can make a user’s feed very interesting, especially if these photos have nice shots with the waves. It’s one of the reasons why people are eager to visit the beach and give this sport a try. However, it comes with some advantages that you’ll undoubtedly admire, and here are some:

Surfing Is a Stress Reliever

Regardless if you’re a pro or not, this sport will ease your stress because it’ll clear your body and mind. The waves, water, and the environment will boost your esteem, making you feel grand.

Surfing Enhances Your Balance and Coordination Skills

Surfing can improve your balance most of the time. You’ll have to stand up on the board as it scurries due to the waves. Paddling is also a handy activity that will contribute to your skills in balancing. Moreover, it can teach your mind and body to coordinate, especially when you’re in a new environment.

Surfing Makes You Physically Fit

Surfing may seem easy from afar, yet this water activity will undoubtedly require good stamina because you’ll have to use your shoulder, back, neck, core, and back muscles as you paddle. Moreover, you’ll need your legs to help you balance as you stand on your surfboard.

Surfing Provides an Excellent Stamina

Surfers typically surf 30 minutes to 2 hours every session, which means it’ll provide your high body endurance. Also, you’ll have exceptional stamina as you frequently duck-dive, surf, and paddle.

Surfing Makes You an Excellent Swimmer

Some surfers don’t know how to swim, even though they spend too much time surfing. Since the leash will keep them close to the board, swimming excellently is not necessary for surfing. On the brighter side, this sport will help you enhance your swimming skills, especially when you paddle for hours.

Surfing Helps to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Quality sleep is an important aspect of sustaining one person’s health. If having a good sleep is one of your dilemmas, surfing can aid it. Spending time in the water and getting ample fresh air will clear out your physical body, as well as your mental health.

Surfing Makes You Temperature-Tolerant

Since you’ll spend time in colder temperatures while surfing, surfing will help your body cope with different temperatures. It will improve your immune system. Also, surfing will upswing your comfort levels.

These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as you get into surfing, both for your mental and physical health. If these influence you to hop on a surfboard now, you should find the best surfing spots to help you enhance your skills further.

Surfing becomes more and more popular these days, and it will continue to influence more people to give this watersport a try, especially Italians. Beaches surround the country, and people enjoy their time surfing on these beaches because each has its distinct characteristics.

If you’re about to spend your vacation on beaches, you should consider visiting these surfing spots in Italy. These areas will help you develop your surfing skills, and make your vacation even better.

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