Andrea Bocelli: A voice for all ages

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most famous Italian singers and has performed since the 1980s, selling millions of albums and DVDs.

Best selling albums and DVDs by Andrea Bocelli

Andrea-BocelliPart of Andrea Bocelli’s success is due to the fact that he can sing opera and pop songs with ease. Andrea became famous at Sanremo Festival when, for the first time, he sang “Con te partirĂ²”, a lovely romantic song that really brings out the best of his voice.

Needless to say that audience and viewers nation-wide were delighted by his performance and charm. Bocelli soon became one of the best selling Italian artists of all time.

He’s very popular in USA where he performed several concerts including one in Central Park in New York. Many of his concerts are available on DVD and Blu-ray and I thought that you might be interested in some of them as well as his most famous albums.

Here are my suggestions:


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