Famous American singers at Sanremo

We have collected some videos of American singers performing at the Sanremo Festival of the Italian Song held every year in Italy.

Back in the 1960s many artists from abroad were called to participate in the competition. The same song was usually performed by an Italian artist and by an artist from US and other countries.

We start with Dionne Warwick in one of her most thrilling performances with “La Voce del Silenzio” (The Voice of Silence) from Sanremo 1968.

Another historic performance in 1968 was by Louis Armstrong with “Mi va di cantare” (I feel like singing).

In 1965, Gene Pitney became popular in Italy for singing “Amici Miei” (My Friends).

He followed up to his success with another performance in 1966 with “Nessuno mi può giudicare” (Nobody can judge me) which became a N.1 hit by Caterina Caselli who also performed the song at Sanremo.

Bobby Rydell performed at Sanremo in 1964 with “Un Bacio Piccolissimo” (A Little kiss)

Sonny and Cher performed “Il Cammino di Ogni Speranza” (The Road of Every Hope) at Sanremo in 1967. Sonny needs more Italian lessons 🙂

In 1969 Stevie Wonder made his appearance at Sanremo with the song “Se tu ragazzo mio” (If You, My Young Man) and injected his own style into it.

At the 1966 Sanremo Festival, Lucio Dalla proposed his song along with The Yardbirds, here’s an audio version of the song “Puff Bum” they performed in English at the festival.

Pat Boone sang “Mai mai Valentina” (Never Never Valentina) at Sanremo in 1966.

Eartha Kitt performed “Che vale per me” at Sanremo in 1968.

An amazing performance by Wilson Pickett at Sanremo in 1968 with the song “Deborah”.


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