Approximately 420,000 babies were born in Italy in 2019 according to national statistics office ISTAT. For parents-to-be, finding the perfect name for their baby can be somewhat of a daunting task. Although sticking to tradition and giving a baby a family name may be a simple solution, many modern-day parents, are seeking more creative and contemporary options. The name you ultimately choose for your baby will partially define their identity for the rest of their lives.  While there is no rulebook that dictates how to choose your baby’s name, gaining insight into some of the most popular naming trends can prove to be very valuable.

Traditional names are still appealing

Historically, Italians have embraced a number of traditions when it came to naming their children. According to age-old custom, the first male is named after the paternal grandfather with the second earning the name of the maternal grandfather. The first daughter in a family will carry her paternal grandmother’s name while the second female is named after her maternal grandmother. While many parents have shunned tradition in favour of more trendy names, old-fashioned names reminiscent of a different era still maintain a certain whimsical appeal. Some of the most popular traditional Italian names for boys this year include Francesco, Giovanni, and Leonardo. If you are expecting a girl, names such as Rosa, Sofia, and Valentina are all very popular at the moment.

 Millennials seek out unique names

There is a growing trend among millennials in Italy (and across the world) to steer clear of conformism and embrace individualism instead. This includes giving their children unique names.  While there are many children walking around with very strange names there are, thankfully, countless unique names for children that are far from cringe-worthy. Names from Greek mythology continue to be popular — with Athena, Selene, Calliope, and Phaedra qualifying as trendy choices for a girl. For boys, Ajax, Damon, Atlas, and Evander are all options worth considering. Parents who want their sons to grow up appreciating the natural beauty of the world may find masculine flower names such as Sage, Florian, and Crisanto particularly appealing.

Who doesn’t want a famous namesake?

Countless parents choose to name their babies after their favorite celebrities. In America, names like Rihanna, Beyonce, Channing, and Shia are popular for this very reason. In Italy, the same trend continues to gain popularity. Among the most popular ‘celeb’ names for baby girls are Margherita (after Greta Garbo), Ilaria (after Italian fencer Ilaria Salvatori), and Giorgio (after singer Giorgio Todrani). There are many impressive options that exist for parents looking to name their son after someone famous. Alessio (after soccer player Alessio Cerci), Pietro (after painter Pietro Perugino), and Valentino (after world-famous motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi) are all very popular names for Italian boys.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is a huge responsibility. Luckily, there are many tips and guidelines that will make it easier to choose a trendy name that your child will be proud of throughout their life.

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