Italian weddings showcase an array of customs and traditions, and like any part of a country’s culture, their evolution can be seen through the various trends that rose to popularity in the past decade. While some trends are more common or more popular than others, the 1.8 million weddings that happened in Italy between 2010 and 2018 had one thing in common – individuality. Whether you’re planning to say “I do” in Capri or want to celebrate your union in Tuscany, one thing is for sure: your wedding will be different from all the others if you incorporate the things that are important to you and your partner. After all, your wedding is a celebration of your love and what brought you together.

With This Ring, I Thee Wed

Wedding bands have a rich history that started as a symbol of eternity among the pharaohs. A circle, as they said in old texts, does not have a beginning or an end. When Alexander the Great took over ancient Egypt in 332 BC, his people adopted the Egyptian tradition of wearing rings, and later on, they gave rings to their lovers to signify their devotion. This custom spread far and wide, reaching the Roman Empire and the rest of the world, and its symbolism continues to this day. Due to this long-standing tradition, it can be said that of all the things that you need to prepare for your union, the wedding rings require more attention than others. Quality, comfort, and aesthetics are some of the most important things to consider when picking wedding bands, according to wedding experts at The Knot.

Over the past decade, alternative metals have been used for men’s wedding rings, and some of these metals include stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Alternative metal wedding rings have become popular as they are both durable and sophisticated, a nod to the modern Italian man. There are also wedding rings for women made from these materials, and they are as gorgeous as those made from classic metals such as gold, platinum and silver. Referred to as “vera” or fidelity, wedding rings in Italy traditionally have the name of the bride engraved in the inner part of the groom’s wedding band and vice versa. Many couples opt for gold (a softer metal) because of this tradition. In fact, 54 percent of couples choose bands made from white gold, according to a Real Weddings Study that polled over 21,000 couples in 2019, while others choose ones that are within budget or rings that can be integrated seamlessly into their lifestyle. For most Italian men, however, the strength of the material that his ring is made of signifies the strength of his love and devotion for his bride, so getting one in tungsten or titanium is also a popular choice.

Translating Your Sentiments Into Every Detail

From the menu to the venue, to the little trinkets that you will give to your guests, there is no doubt that weddings are all about the little details and what these details mean to you and your partner. Whether you are thinking of shopping for two dresses instead of one or want to repurpose your grandmother’s wedding gown, wedding planners say that it is up to you and what you feel you should include on your special day. According to Sarah Haywood, a wedding organizer, couples are also looking for unique ways to incorporate the location of the wedding into the day itself. During her interview with Vogue in February this year, Haywood stated that a wedding in Italy that she organized gave Save the Date tiles made in a factory in Tuscany to their guests. Local touches mixed with your style and your story will make your event unforgettable. Wedding planners also note that your wedding should reflect not only your love for each other, but everything that you hold dear.
In the beautiful evolution of Italian weddings, where romance and tradition always take precedence, adding a dash of individuality is never a bad idea. Your personal touch is a modern addition that will only make things more memorable for you and your spouse.

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