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Italy has dominated the fashion world for decades, and continues to do so today. From elegant dresses and formal-wear to casual-wear, the world-renowned Italian clothing lines top the market due to the tradition of excellence behind them. Their design prominence doesn’t stop with clothing, however, Italy is also famous for their lines of high-fashion shoes and handbags. Today, the convenience of online shopping has enabled customers around the world to have access to the same Italian designs that grace runways the world over.


Some of the finest examples of Italian design is in their jewelry. The precision and attention to detail are what often makes these pieces such brilliant works of art. As with many of the other products made in Italy, quality craftsmanship is at the heart of their fine jewelry.


Italy sets the standard high for leather producers of the world, and few are able to compare. In Italy, much of the leather production process is done by hand, and these manufacturers tend to use only the highest quality dyes and chemicals available. This level of care is what causes Italian leather to be so highly sought after. It is not only used in the fashion industry, but also in shoes, bags, furniture, and luxury cars.


Art is one of the most celebrated aspects of Italian history. The legacy left by the great Italian artists of the Renaissance is unrivaled. Still today, Italian art captivates enthusiasts around the globe. Online shopping brings prints of these famous works of art into homes and businesses around the world.

“That’s Arte” carries a wonderful selection of Italian-made ceramics from the traditional Deruta to the contemporary. They only partner with local artisans and even provide a bio of each artist. You can even personalize your order for a gift for free. Some of the artists also accept orders on commission, so you could design your own initials and they will reproduce in the pottery. How cool is that?


Ferrari. Lamborghini. Maserati. There are great cars manufactured all over the world, but it seems that cars made in Italy just have something extra. The Italian car manufacturers have a knack for designing cars that tug on the heart strings of drivers world wide. The passionate vision that saturates the Italian automotive industry shines through brilliantly. By combining top-grade performance with gorgeous styling, they have created some of the most powerful and beautiful vehicles that have ever come off the production line.

Gourmet Food

The range of food across Italy is every bit as diverse as the country itself. Traditionally, food around the country was strongly influenced by local traditions and seasonal availability. They are probably most associated with dishes that include some form of pasta. Though this is the simplest of ingredients, they have a talent for turning it into a masterpiece. These days, seasonal crops influence the menus far less, and many of their gourmet ingredients can be ordered and shipped around the globe. Among the food products that you can purchase online are pasta and sauces, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, cheese, sweets, and many more.


Italian furniture designers create some of the most beautifully crafted furniture money can buy. By combining sleek design with fine Italian leather, they offer pieces that stun on both the visual and tactile levels. By offering pieces that range from classic and delicate to edgy and modern, they have designed the perfect elements to set the tone of any room.

Music and Movies

Throughout history, Italian innovation has played important roles in the development of musical genres. From the opera, to the classical European venues such as the symphony, Italy has led the way in the journey of musical interests. Today, Italians still take as much pride in their modern music as they do in the music that forms its roots.

Similarly, the Italian film industry has been producing movies for decades that are enjoyed all around the world. Their beautiful cities and countrysides create the perfect backdrop for many of their films, and brilliant direction has placed many of them in the top of their categories. Thanks to online shopping, these incredible works of art are available to anyone, anywhere.


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