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The European summer brings with it countless possibilities like the chance to finally kick back and recharge on one of the many idyllic sun-loungers on the Mediterranean. Alternatively, you may relish the thought of spending time with loved ones in a picturesque remote town off the beaten track. Or perhaps you prefer the hustle and bustle of cultural hotspots abroad, where you can increase the odds of bumping into some of your favourite sporting icons, taking their own respective summer holiday breaks. 

It’s no secret that the dash to Europe’s best summer holiday spots coincides with football’s off-season. In theory, this means that, with any luck, you could one day be face-to-face with one of your favourite players. It’s worth pointing out, at this stage, that you probably won’t run into figures like Cristiano Ronaldo at an all-inclusive resort in Benidorm. This is to say that your chances of success depend entirely on where you choose to holiday in the first place.

Where to go, I hear you ask? Well, there’s mounting evidence that the charming piazza in the small town of San Pantaleo, in northern Sardinia, is the place to be if you want a selfie that will make everyone back home green with envy. After all, it was only in July that Robert Lewandowski was seen kicking a ball with some locals in this very location. The Bayern Munich legend was more than happy to offer up his time to anyone that wanted it and the videos of him playfully dribbling around starstruck fans will live long in the memory.

It’s probably safe to say that not all footballers are as obliging as Lewandoski: it’s important to remember that they’re trying to get a break as well, and being in the public eye is no easy feat. Lewandoski’s approachable demeanour is an elusive find, especially given his high-profile status as a man that’s currently at 4/9 odds in the very latest football betting markets to claim the title of top goalscorer in the Bundesliga. For his patience with adoring fans, Lewandowski should be applauded for being such a good sport. 

The Polish striker isn’t the only footballer who likes to live it up at the Italian piazza. Claudio Marchisio and Andrea Barzagli have also visited this stylish and charming piazza over the last year. Yet perhaps the most famous visitor to this small town on the Costa Smeralda is the legend that’s Zinedine Zidane, who was spotted there back in 2018. Yes, the famous midfielder and World Cup winner Zizou dined at the idyllic outdoor restaurants and, like everyone who ends up in this wonderful place, looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself. 

So if you’re a football lover who would enjoy spending the summer in one of the most scenic Mediterranean towns in the whole of Europe, then book your flights to Olbia airport in 2022. Make sure your phone has enough free space and most importantly, is charged to the full. After all, there’s every chance that you’ll stroll upon one of the game’s greatest if you visit this historic square. 

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