Cheap Air Travel is all about taking risks with your schedule. If you think your job and other duties allow you to be flexible enough, and you are willing to adapt the plan of your tour, then the option is yours to take.

Once you decide the mode of your traveling, the very next factor is to finalize your destination. If you’re wanting to be a little budget savvy, and the very special and bougie Paris is out of your bucket- meanwhile the usual US countryside or even China and Japan are too boring- then Italy might be the one for you? After all, there are great places in Italy to explore besides its pretty metropolitans.

What are the top natural attractions and sanctuaries of Italy? Let’s discuss a few of them to give you an idea.

  1. Gran Paradiso National Park

The gran Paradiso national park- situated in the Graian Alps- is the finest example of Italy’s wildlife. You will find beautiful white mountains, lakes, and the incredible flora and flora on the display. The wide and wild landscape of the park is reported to be covering a land just under three hundred square miles. This Park’s specialty is the four-legged ibex. You can find those beautiful creatures in numbers. Not to forget, the organizers have set up pretty sick skiing options. Not just skiing, you shall get snowshoeing as well.

Lillaz Falls and Lake Loie also make this place attractive with a beautiful ice and water combination.

2. Scala Dei Turchi

Scala Dei Turchi, located in Sicily, is perhaps the most beautiful coastline of Italy. There you can find a serene view of the sea right by the rusted looking cliffs made of beautiful white rock. The white cliffs are said to be carved by the strong winds and the splash of the sea waves and these cliffs are also known as the staircase of Turks. You can anticipate a beautiful sunset by the stunning blue water of the Mediterranean. The option for a picnic at Scala Dei Turchi becomes more favorable since the hotels have been set up to add a bohemian luxury along with nature’s masterpiece.

3. Lago di Braies

If you’re a mountaineer by heart and prefer wandering among beautiful green mountainsides then this place might be for you. Lago di Braies is actually a lake situated right between the tall mountains. Not only there are the shipping facility but some very easy-going hiking trails as well for the tourists. You will also get to see the secluded beaches if you go a bit far along the lake’s shoreline. Thus, Lago di Braies is for sure one of it’s kind since nature’s wonders including the mountain, lake, forest, and beach, all have come to one place. You can also look up to the hotel details of the area since stay-in is also an availability.

4. Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre is one of the tiniest national parks in Italy. However, the size of its stretch couldn’t affect its dense population. Unlike other tourist attractions, this national park is owned by people and has made it their home place. You shall find very unique things at this spot, the slopes of the hills, the scent of lime, colorful and vibrant village houses right by the sea, and most interesting of all: the underwater tunnels of conveyance. The uniqueness of this place speaks as UNESCO has taken this spot as one of their World Heritage Site(s). The special factor, which makes this place a tourist attraction, is that despite being locally populated, this place and the sea by the village is uncontaminated and clean. There are comfortable guest houses that give you a vibe of home since luxury isn’t a component of the site- rather the things are equipped with simplistic objects.

5. Majella National Park

Majella is said to be a forest-like park which is famous for the wolves. However, the Hermitages and Abbeys also make this park one of its kind. Many people look for a spiritual journey and a spiritual cleanse when they go on vacation. For that purpose, Majella is undoubtedly a good spot since it’s a forest but designed to enjoy without stressing about being devoured by wild species. Majella national park takes you to the Mountain mother of Abruzzo and there you find a number of caves and forest green lined up after each other, creating a deeply impressive and grateful sense from within.

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