The world is a stressful place to be right now, with The Global Organization for Stress reporting that 75% of people experience moderate to high stress levels in a given month. As a result, holistic activities such as mindfulness meditation and yoga are all the rage among members of the general population and those experiencing anxiety and depression. If you will be visiting Italy in the near future and it is important for your health to de-stress as well as have a great time, know that there are countless opportunities for you to do so. Just a few of these can be found below.

Visiting Italy’s Hot Springs

Italy is graced with a plethora of hot springs in which to immerse yourself and soak your cares away. These waters contain sulfur and other minerals that have huge benefits for your skin as well. Some of the most famous Italian springs include Saturnia (a Tuscan spa town featuring gorgeous water features and pools in which to soak), Fosso Bianco (a gorgeous white mud bath in a volcano in Sicily), and Vulcano (featuring mud baths and springs on the Island of Vulcano).

Getting Away For A Yoga And Meditation Retreat

If you have a few weeks away, why not take at least four or five days to benefit your physical and mental health by attending a yoga and meditation retreat in a paradisiacal location in Italy? These usually include several activities, including walking, trekking, cooking and dancing, in addition to stress-busting holistic workshops. Just a few locations favored by yoga fans include Locanda del Gallo, La Selva Positano (which overlooks the stunning Amalfi Coast), and Monestevole (where you can learn about permaculture, live on a farm, and living in a rustic stone mansion with wooden  beamed ceilings and other gorgeous design features).

Embracing Anti-Stress Tech

If you don’t have time for a yoga getaway and you will mainly be visiting big cities like Rome or Milan, you can still find anti-stress devices aimed at men and women. These devices enable you to target stress quickly and efficiently while you are en route from site to site or when you get back to your hotel. Just a few top picks include vibrating massage ball rollers (which you can apply to your neck, feet or back after a day’s sightseeing to eliminate muscular tension), essential oil diffusers (which you should use alongside a proven relaxing oil such as lavender), and a shiatsu foot massager (which helps relieve pain and stress, and boosts circulation in a place where you really need it during vacation time – your feet).

Visiting Natural Spots

recent study by researchers at Cornell University has found that just 10 minutes in a natural setting can help reduce the effects of physical and mental stress. The findings are great news for busy tourists who wish to spend most of their time trying out Italian gastronomy, visiting museums, or heading to ancient monuments. Make it a point to visit at least one green area a day to reduce your cortisol levels. If you wish to make a detour and visit one or more of Italy’s most famous national parks, check out the beauty of spots like Bellunesi Dolomites National Park (in northern Italy), Stelvio National Park (in northeastern Italy), or Gargano National Park (close to Puglia).

If you will be visiting Italy soon, ensure that you de-stress as well as catch top sites. Visit a spa or national park, take part in a de-stressing retreat, and make it a point to enjoy some green time. Visit Italy’s top shopping zones as well to find gadgets that can help you target muscular pain and tension and soothe painful feet.

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