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Whether you are a professional surfer or just a newbie looking for a fun summer activity to try out at an exotic place, Italy has many great surfing opportunities that you need to experience this summer. If you’re looking for the best surfing destinations for a future trip or just want to learn more about surface culture in one of the top vacation spots in the world, you’ve come to the right place!

Best Surf Spots in Italy

As a country almost surrounded by ocean, Italy has no shortage of beautiful beaches for you to enjoy. Our favorite spots for surfing in Italy are La Roccetta and Banzai beaches, both located in the beautiful Santa Marinella. In terms of seasons, the late autumn and early winter are the best times for surfing, as the wind picks up near the water, which will create the best waves for surfing. Plus, the colder weather means there will be less crowding on the beaches, so you’ll have more room to play around. Even during peak waves seasons, the surf in Italy is nowhere near as aggressive as it is in some other parts of the world, making it an excellent place for beginners to learn the ropes. Since the surf is generally relatively mild, travelers and surf enthusiasts don’t need to worry about their equipment breaking. The lighter surf can make packing lighter if you are traveling, as you won’t need to bring extra replacement boards for your trip.

Surf Culture in Italy

“Italians pay close attention to trends,” says Roberto D’Amico. Now that surfing has become increasingly popular in Italy, amateur surfers have come from all over the country to try their sport and add their own unique style to the surfing scene. There’s nothing wrong with this; of course, surfing is a fun and inclusive activity for all experience levels and everyone is welcome to enjoy the sport. However, with the new interest in surfing comes even bigger crowds to the beaches, making it hard to find space to enjoy the waves yourself. Remember always to be respectful to your fellow surfers. Make room for everyone to enjoy themselves so that everyone can have a good time. With every trend, there will be many people looking to get the perfect action shot for their social media, so let them have their moment. Like any sport, surfing is meant to be fun. It’s an activity for anyone who wants to participate, no matter their skill level.

Ultimately, surfing is a fantastic sport for all experience levels and will fill your beach day with endless amounts of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or an amateur,  a tourist or a local, always remember to leave the beaches in as good a shape as you found them so that everyone can continue to enjoy the beauty of Italy’s beautiful coastline.

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