Making the Most of Your Lake Como Winter Holiday

Lake Como, like many other parts of Italy, has always been a very popular destination during the warmer months of the year. Tourists flock from far and wide to sip Prosecco on shaded terraces, bask in the sun on sandy beaches, or go boating on the shimmering lake. Interestingly enough, many visitors will attest to the fact that Lake Como is even more spectacular during winter. Although the lake itself never freezes, it does get framed by the almost picture-perfect Alps which bestow an air of whimsical romance upon it. Although visiting Lake Como during winter is undoubtedly a great idea, it is important to do some research into the seasonal offerings of the area in order to have the most memorable experience possible.

Choose Cosy Accommodations

Even if you do enjoy frolicking outside in the frosty weather, you still want to be able to return to a warm, comfortable room. There are many wonderful options worth considering that range from luxury hotels and villas to inviting apartments and cottages. Lake Como even sports accommodation options for travellers who care about the environment. Cascina Rodiani is a beautiful, renovated farmhouse that is situated on the Regional Park Spina Verde and within walking distance of the lake. Al Marnic is another gorgeous eco-farm within a very short walking distance of the lake that should definitely be near the top of your list of accommodations to consider.

Hit the Slopes

What would a winter getaway be without participating in at least one exhilarating outdoor activity? The hills and mountains surrounding the lake sport almost countless trails and paths that are perfect for hikers and bikers of all ability levels. With snow-covered mountains within a stone’s throw of the lake, however, it is almost a requirement that you at least try your hand at skiing or snowboarding. There are a number of resorts within a short driving distance of the lake where you can take to the slopes. While Piani di Bobbio and Santa Caterina are hot favourites among experienced skiers and boarders, Mount Sighignola is ideal for beginners. If you are more into snowshoeing, the trails of Mount San Primo are where you should be headed.

Indulge in Delectable Cuisine

You definitely won’t be disappointed in the cold-weather food offering you are likely to come across during your visit to Lake Como. Picture warm, hearty soups, fragrant pasta dishes, freshly baked bread, toasted polenta, and a delectable selection of local cheeses and wines.  Some of the must-try local dishes include pizzoccheri alla valtellinese (a pasta dish made with buckwheat flour, cage, sage cheese, and potato) and cassoeula (made from pork meat, cabbage carrots, tomato puree, onions, celery, and black pepper). While you may be tempted to eat until you are stuffed, remember to leave some room for dessert.  Nothing beats a portion of homemade tiramisu enjoyed alongside a glass of port or a ricotta and strawberry jam crostata served with a spiced red wine.

There is no question that Lake Como is one of Italy’s foremost holiday destinations. While it is beautiful in summer, the lake and surroundings turns into a spectacular winter wonderland during the colder months.



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