Winter in picturesque Italy is synonymous with popular cold-weather activities such as skiing and ice skating. In fact, ice skating in all its wonderful forms, including figure skating and ice hockey, is a very popular pastime in the country. Visiting one of the more than 20 ice rinks in the country is also high on the to-do list of many tourists.  While there is undoubtedly something whimsical about gliding across traditional ice, it is no longer the only option available to skating enthusiasts. Thanks to synthetic ice, which is typically made of high-density polyethylene, year-round ice skating facilities have become increasingly commonplace. Here’s where you can find the very best ice skating facilities in the country – all year round!

Genoa has a Fully-Fledged Sports Center

If you happen to be in the port city of Genoa you can get your ice rink fix at the remodeled local sports center that now offers a much larger variety of activities including basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, and access to an ice rink. The rink, which is synthetic, provides year-round access to ice-skating fun for the whole family. Synthetic ice rinks such as these have made on-ice activities such as ice hockey and artistic ice skating a lot more accessible to the general population. Although there are numerous advantages to synthetic ice, an effort has to be made to keep the synthetic ice in tip-top condition. This includes cleaning surface shavings, cleaning up the conditioner, and addressing wear and tear.

Discover a Gem in Selva

If you find yourself in the valley of Val Gardena during summer and want to spend some time on the ice, head on over to the Pranives Ice Rink in Selva. The indoor ice rink is open from April to July and provides locals and visitors alike with access to a range of exciting on-ice activities including ice hockey training, broomball, and artistic and casual skating.  As the rink is home to the local ice hockey team, Gherdeina, it is recommended to check the online roster to see when the rink is open to the general public. Skates can be rented at the rink and there are a number of other amenities such as sports fields, a gym, café, and pizzeria to visit.

Home Rinks are on the Rise

If you prefer to have permanent, immediate access to an ice skating facility you can always consider having your very own synthetic ice rink built at home. Synthetic ice tiles are typically designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to any available space, both inside and outside. Additionally, personal-use synthetic ice rinks can be expanded at any time and are also completely portable so if you move house, your ice rink can move with you.  While a home rink won’t come cheap, it will provide you with the privilege of having a rink at your disposal regardless of whether it is the middle of summer or during the coldest periods of the year.

Ice skating is very popular across Italy. Thanks to the creation of synthetic ice rinks, locals and visitors alike can now enjoy year-round ice skating activities across the country.

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