The suit that stood the test of time

The Italian suit is the exact opposite of the English suit. Italians have always wanted to stand out through the way they dress, to express their personality and joie-de-vivre.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Italians have always had plenty to say in men’s fashion. Their designers influenced the entire World with their bold designs and cuts. But every big thing has a set of causes that triggered it. One doesn’t have to dig too deep to find one of the biggest reason Italian fashion is where it is today: the suit.

British people, by contrast, are rigorous, conservative and concerned about preserving old values. They see clothes as something that needs to follow certain rules and traditions, leaving little room for innovation.

Since Italians have a habit of turning every little thing into an event, their evening’s ritual, called passeggiata (or the “little walk”) became an excellent opportunity to show off their outfits. The Italian suit thus became like an armor, a way of showing confidence and, in essence, social status.

What makes Italian suits so special?

The Italian suit jacket is different than other suit jackets. While the British jacket is narrower at the shoulders and a little wider at the hips, the Italian suit has padded shoulders to make them wider.

There’s actually a very interesting explanation to all of this. Wider shoulders and narrower hips actually increase a man’s attractiveness to the opposite sex. Since Italians are known to be very good with women, could it be that suits are one of their best kept secrets?

Who are Italian suits for?

Italian suits are pretty much for everyone, but especially for the athletic type. The reason is that such a suit can emphasize their body shape better. If you’re not athletic, don’t get discouraged – go to a tailor and make a bespoke suit.

What are some of the big names that make Italian suits?

Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Luigi Borelli, Attolini or Caraceni – you have plenty manufacturers to choose from. The best part is they pay great attention to details and most of the process (for the more expensive models) is done manually. Even if you get a less expensive model, you will still make a great choice.

The suit colors that fits you is dictated only by your personality and preference. Go for lighter colors if you’re an extrovert and you want to stand out and go for darker colors if you’re more conservative and you want to be taken seriously.

If you have a belly or are a little overweight, my advice is to stay away from light colors. Darker colors are known to make you thinner so go for black, navy blue or dark olive green.

George Lazãr –

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