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Are you lucky enough to be spending part of the winter holidays in a Canadian ski resort? Canada is a hugely popular place for winter sports because of the ideal weather conditions and the sheer beauty. Nothing compares to the fresh powder snow you will find on those slopes every day. Families, solo travelers and professionals go to Canadian ski resorts each year to enjoy the long days and the winter sun while speeding down the slopes. Here are some of the things you should not forget if you are going too!

Some Very Warm Clothing

Firstly, Canada gets extremely cold. If you are a regular skier in Italy and Europe, or even in parts of Northern America, you are in for a shock at the temperatures in the Canadian mountains. Being geographically further north than a lot of other ski resorts, the temperatures will get very low. However, this also means great snow every day which is perfect for skiing in!

To comfortably ski in Canada, you will need top of the range ski wear. Additionally, you might also want to bring a warm jacket which is different from your skiing jacket for any extra fun in the evenings. After exercising all day, it is fun to go out and get a bit dressed up later on. Why not treat yourself to a new jacket for those cold nights? The Moncler Jacket range is both trendy and has some super insulated jackets which will absolutely keep you warm.

A Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is necessary for the nights; you will enjoy your ski holiday much less if you cannot sleep well due to the warm temperatures. The accommodation in the ski resorts will likely be well heated and insulated, but it is always nice to feel extra tucked up and cozy when on holiday. A hot water bottle is a small and lightweight item which is easy to squeeze into your suitcase but will do wonders on cold evenings. To heat up your bed a little before getting in, put your hot water bottle in there for ten minutes and it will be absolute heaven to lie in.

A Pair of Sturdy Shoes

Most of the time you will be wearing your ski boots on your ski holiday; however, there will be evenings and potentially mornings when you will want to walk around the resort in your own shoes. There are many different shoes you can bring on a winter holiday like this, but hiking boots or snowshoes are particularly recommended. Both of these have a good grip on the sole and are pretty warm, so will be much more suitable for the ski resort than a pair of trainers would be.

Remember, when temperatures drop overnight but there is no snow, there is the potential for the ground to turn icy. This can be extremely dangerous to walk on, so be on high alert and try to avoid walking back after one too many drinks!

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

A lot of people forget about the need for a good pair of sunglasses when on a skiing holiday. However, the Canadian sun is strong despite it being cold there, so you will absolutely need some sunglasses with a blackout effect to fully shield your eyes from the sun. In addition to the bright sunlight, the white snow can be absolutely blinding. Sunglasses when at a ski resort are not just a luxury but a necessity!

Some people decide to ski with sunglasses on, but this is only recommended if it is a sunny day and if you are quite an experienced skier. Ski goggles are attached to your face and provide protection against powdered snow blowing in your face, whereas sunglasses do not. They also don’t provide the same warmth as goggles do, so it is recommended that you bring these in your bag but stick to goggles when skiing down the slopes.

An Adventurous Attitude

Finally, bring an adventurous attitude to the Canadian ski resorts this year! Skiing is absolutely one of those sports which only becomes fun once you have a little bit of confidence. Believe in your skills and your ability and enjoy the slope. As long as you are sensible, there is not much that will go wrong – just follow the ski advice given to you by instructors and you are ready to go. Freaking out while on the slopes will not get you anywhere – have faith that you will be able to make it down to the bottom!

Having a break from work is extremely refreshing and even more so when you are staying on a ski resort in Canada. Make the most of every day by getting up early to catch the first lifts and staying out until they close. You won’t regret it!

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