pexels-olga-vunder-3038552Italy is famous for its historic cities, snow-capped mountain peaks, sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and stunning coastlines, and there is no better way to see and explore it all than by driving. A road trip allows you to go deep and enjoy the incredible sight of the Italian landscape. You also get an opportunity to connect with the culture that lies off the unbeaten path. Expect to spend an average daily price of €132 or $153 during a vacation in Italy, according to Budget Your Trip. But before booking a trip, ensure you cross off everything on your must-see destination list and plan accordingly. This step entails highlighting the fascinating places to see in Italy, getting travel insurance, and packing travel essentials. But that’s not all. Here are some essential tips for enjoying an unforgettable road trip in Italy.

Decide Where To Go

Spontaneity is fun, but it’s wise to determine places you want to explore before hitting the road. Travel experts recommend creating a list of must-see attractions in Italy and then map a route. Some unique places to drive to while visiting Italy are Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, and Milan.

Each destination offers memorable experiences as long as you have a plan in place. For instance, road tripping in Florence allows you to see the exquisite frescoes by Ghirlandaio and Grotto and beautiful sculptures by Michelangelo. If you love the outdoors, consider driving to the Amalfi Coast. Here you’ll enjoy the magnificent scenery of picturesque villages and towns. What’s more, you can have a thrilling drive through the Road of 1,000 Bends that passes Italy’s most breathtaking places along dramatic stretches of the coastline. In Rome, apart from the usual places to see you can also visit the Opera Theater.

Determine What To Drive

There are plenty of road trip cars available in the market to choose from based on the number of passengers, road conditions, affordability, safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency, so choose your ride wisely based on these factors. Also, decide whether you should drive a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission. At this point, you need clear insights into how a transmission works in a car. It’s worth noting that vehicle transmissions lets you leverage the car’s engine power when required by changing gears based on accelerator input and speed to keep RPMs low. Doing so helps protect the engine from damage and reduces fuel consumption. Do not forget to obtain an International Driving Permit, go to this link to get yours.

Pick The Best Travel Date

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best time to visit Italy, but the two major ones are crowds and weather. As a golden rule, consider planning your road trip during the spring and autumn seasons, which start in April to mid-June. Alternatively, you can also travel from September to October when it’s still warm to swim in the shimmering seas, but also cool enough to go sightseeing. Travelling to Italy during the summer season is always a favourite option for many tourists. However, keep in mind that most tourist attraction sites are crowded at this time since schools are closed.

Road tripping in Italy allows you to explore fascinating places and interact with the local community. To make the most of your trip, you’ll need to prepare well in advance. Create an itinerary that outlines places you want to see and things to do. Also, choose the right road trip car and the best time to travel.

Important Note: if you’re planning to visit Italy next fall, you will need an ETIAS travel authorization. The system is expected to be introduced in November of 2023 and will be mandatory for all countries that are Schengen visa-free.

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